Updating your computer is almost complete you must restart

Posted by / 31-Oct-2017 22:05

Even though you know you're about to lose access to your computer, there's not a damn thing you can do about it -- .

If you're really unlucky and Windows is installing a major update, the progress meter may be a tease: Once it reaches 100 percent, your computer might reboot a second or third time before you finally get control again.

Here's the statement I got: Once a machine is upgraded to Windows 10, it will remain current through Windows Update for the supported lifetime of the device, with safety and security, productivity, and entertainment value over time.

"Overall it wasn't a huge deal, just very frustrating to have your computer decide these things on its own," he tells me.

Alexsander Stukov, an software engineer who spends days running stress tests and cloning virtual machines, says he's lost hours of work to forced Windows Updates on five separate occasions now.

She tells me that while it was her fault for not saving the document more often, Windows also didn't help: "I had no prior warning before it restarted itself." Luckily, her client didn't mind the delay.

Mark Switzer, who goes by the handle Preheat when he plays World of Warcraft, also had his machine restart at a particularly inconvenient time last month.

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I know what you're thinking: "How many times do you have to get burned before you get a Mac? Or even an i Pad with a keyboard cover -- anything but a Windows machine that can just spontaneously restart while you're in the middle of mission-critical work.

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