Rolex numbers serial dating

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Rolex numbers serial dating

There was no mention of Rolex or Rolex Oyster on the dial's of the Eaton's 1/4 Century Rolex watches.Some of these watches were manual wind Rolex Oyster or automatic Oyster Perpetual models.

Eaton's also has a particular arrangement with Rolex which allowed them to provide as long service awards, a Rolex watch that only had the words 1/4 Century Club spelled out on the dial, which was simply signed Eaton's.Data may not be accurate for Limited Edition Speedmasters and Speedmasters with cal. This serial number data item not given in Hartmann’s data but empirically derived from a consensus of users in various internet Omega collector forums.Seems to occur most frequently with Omega Speedmaster Mark II models. Rolex has not released their production numbers, or their serial numbers either for what ever reason.This chart is compiled from several lists to give you an approximation of the earliest numbers seen for certain years.

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Additionally they have stated, and it is also mentioned in "The Best Of Time"by Dowling-Hess, that Rolex does not manufacture numbers sequentially...are random at some level. Rolex does produce cases specifically to re-case movements where the case has become damaged or unusable.