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Korean dating mentality

If they do get laid, and usually they don’t, it’s almost by accident, in that they happen to be exactly the woman’s type to begin with and didn’t screw it up too badly.Most beginners tend to come in two flavors; young guys who haven’t had a lot of woman experience yet, and older guys who are just out of a long-term relationship or divorce, and who are very out of practice.Below are these three levels of mastery and what they mean, at least to me.

The challenge is either with what you’re doing, the type of women you’re approaching, or both.

In examining my system, I found that perhaps making out with a woman on an online first date wasn’t a good idea, so I tested not kissing a woman at all on a first date, and instead saving that for the second date where I intended to have sex. I only had this problem with some women; other women had sex with me on the second date with no problem at all.

Reviewing my spreadsheets at the time, I was shocked to see that something like 95% of these ASD women were age 33 or over. Could something as simple as age make that big of a difference? I stopped messaging all women online who are age 33 or above, and holy shit, my lay ratios .

His results are spotty and time consuming, and he does a lot of things wrong. This is because he can look back over the last several weeks or months and see some results.

The women he has sex with range from low-average to the occasional hottie. They are also susceptible to oneitis when they have sex with a really hot woman, as I discussed in item #9 here.

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