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Blackmailed on webcam

The only differences will be to completely delete and abandon your social media accounts rather than just deactivate them, and stay away from social media for an absolute minimum of 3 months (but we'd recommend 6 months or more if at all possible).These scams are most often run by people in Morocco, Ivory Coast or the Philippines.The scammer demands money or that you register on various sites, and shows a list of the person's Facebook friends/family to increase the threat.The scammer demands to be paid through a money transfer site such as Western Union.It's even possible to find software that enables a small degree of interaction so long as the other person only asks for simple tasks such as “wave to me”, “touch your nose”, or “blow me a kiss”.Armed with this, the scammer needs just two programs.It's a fast-run scam that can lead to people losing thousands of dollars.

None of this is going to happen, and is nothing more than a scare tactic. You're not going to suddenly appear naked on the Ellen Degeneres Show or the front page of La Figaro!We'll be discussing the type of sextortion here that involves money demands and mainly targets males.If you're a female and/or the demands are for more images/videos, the details given at the start will be different, but the steps we advise to deal with it are going to be almost the same.The last step is purely a precaution, but it's worth doing for peace of mind.We've dealt with over 20,000 cases, and the success rate for the steps we advise is over 99.95% provided they are ALL followed.

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