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The transportation department operates from 13 bus lots, which in total operate over 1200 buses on over 5000 routes.

Ridership varies annually, although at least 93,000 students ride buses provided by the department.

Prince George's County Public Schools offers students transportation to and from school with its own bus system.Each route is determined through a trapeze system, in which information regarding students is entered into a computer system and the outcome is their route number.All high schools in Prince George's County operate with a "comprehensive" model as their base, with the exception of the new Academy of Health Sciences at Prince George's Community College, which is a middle college program.The Board of Education directed the school district to conduct a comprehensive review of school enrollments in September 2008.Recognizing that some schools were significantly under-enrolled, the Board of Education sought to offer more educational opportunities in historically under-served areas of the county, relieve overcrowding where possible, and improve operating efficiencies. earlier this year, and reduced the number of schools to be consolidated to eight instead of 12.

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